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February 9, 2018
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Nashville, Tennessee – February 1, 2017 – Medx Publishing, LLC is pleased to announce the investment in Influencer Interactive. As leaders in performance and lead generation, the new relationship provides a complete set of services for consumer goods and healthcare industries.

“At Medx Publishing, we have been heavily ingrained in the healthcare and senior market for over 14 years,” commented Keith Glatzer, CMO, Medx Publishing. “As that sector continues to evolve, we were looking to diversify our verticals, and Influencer Interactive was the perfect match. What made this even easier, besides the years of experience, Greg Seyller and his team have the same values we do. The number one priority is to provide value to our customers.”

“Having worked with different members of the Medx Publishing team over the years, I know the integrity they have behind their campaigns while showing ingenuity when it comes to new marketing trends,” said Greg Seyller, CEO, Influencer Marketing. “We are excited to see how we grow together.”

As sister companies, Medx Publishing and Influencer bring the following to the market:

  • Experience – dozens of years of experience with some of the top consumer-facing brands and campaigns in the digital marketing space.
  • Solutions – customized products for our clients CRM efforts including display and co-registration lead generation, coupon prints, call center integration and customized content.
  • Technology – best-in-class technology stack that is utilized for targeting consumer interaction and behavior; validating, optimizing and protecting data; and post-campaign analysis.

About Medx Publishing, LLC:
Medx Publishing, LLC is a full-service online marketing and technology company, specializing in performance-based campaigns. Our specialties include the healthcare vertical, senior marketplace and emerging markets. At our core business is to build lead generation and highly targeted marketing campaigns for our customers. Learn more how Medx Pub can help you.

About Influencer Interactive:
INFLUENCER Interactive is a full-service digital performance marketing company connecting highly targeted and engaged consumers with our client’s campaigns through a platform of trusted influencers and brand-safe environments. Our team has masterfully executed over 2,000 successful campaigns in the past 15 years generating millions of measurable consumer actions and billions of dollars in transactions. To learn more, visit Influencer Interactive.

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