Our Services

At Medx, we are reinventing the way companies acquire customers. Our services are designed around your ROI.

Medx Publishing offers a variety of services tied around digital marketing, traditional marketing and calling, but the constant is always that we base it on performance.

We go into each deal with a clear understanding that it has to work for everyone involved. If it doesn’t work, you don’t stay as a customer/client and we understand that.

Lead Generation

We have the unique ability to attract and prioritize leads, determine their level of viability and improve overall conversion. Our lead generation model is different than most as our proprietary algorithms are used to help us send the highest possible lead quality 100% of the time.

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Operational Consulting

There are many moving parts in a successful marketing campaign. It isn’t always clear what parts need to improved to increase performance. That’s why we will come on-site to visit your team and call centers to review all details of the campaign.

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Paid Services

In addition to our performance marketing division, we do offer traditional media agency services including managing paid search, social media campaigns and buying DRTV television. If it is online or you can see and hear it, we manage it.

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Call Center Services

At Medx, we offer a wide variety of services all centered around performance marketing campaigns. Of course, this includes managing on and off shore call centers to be able to deliver both call verified leads and warm transfers. This is an important piece to the lead generation funnel as contact rate is the single most important measurement.

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Data Quality

At the core of lead generation is the data you receive. Depending on your goals and vertical, you can have the flexible to receive long or short form data. You are in control.

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