About Us

Medx Publishing, LLC is a full-service performance marketing and technology focused company. Our specialties include the Medicare Insurance vertical, Final Expense, Reverse Mortgage, Credit Card Debt, Auto Insurance, Medical Alerts and Hearing Aids. Medx Publishing was the parent company of the super brand, Medicare.com (sold in April 2014 to eHealth Insurance).

Our core business is to build lead generation and highly targeted marketing campaigns for our partners. We are not set up like a typical lead generation company. While all of our campaigns run against a performance metric, we establish true partnerships in order to become an extension of their business.

What makes us different:

  • Our response time
  • Our expertise in lead gen
  • We are nimble & quick
  • We generate results

Our Story

Medx Publishing Timeline

September 2001
Medx Publishing Formed
January 2003

Medx Publishing launches Medicare.com as a content site

June 2004

Medx generates 1st web lead

October 2011

Medx sells its first live call

March 2014

Medx sells the domain Medicare.com to eHealth

December 2016

Medx acquires Influencer Interactive

March 2019

Medx launches MedicareTru.com

June 2021

Medx launches SeniorDirectClub.com

MedX Publishing Family

To continue to grow and service our clients, Medx Publishing has brought this company into our family.

INFLUENCER Interactive is a full-service digital performance marketing company connecting highly targeted and engaged consumers with our client’s campaigns through a platform of trusted influencers and brand-safe environments. To put it simply, we deliver success.

Our team has masterfully executed over 2,000 successful campaigns in the past 15 years generating millions of measurable consumer actions and billions of dollars in transactions.

Where can you find the MedX Publishing team?

Finding the best talent shouldn’t be limited to a single zip code. Our team has a diverse background in healthcare marketing, call center management, consumer marketing and knowing how to have fun. All this experience was captured across multiple states and countries.
That’s why we ditched the traditional “brick and mortar” offices before it was the thing to do.

With the freedom from commutes and flexible schedules, we encourage our team to keep looking for inspiration, continue to learn, and be available when our clients need us. We always respond!

The MedX Team by the numbers: