Definition: a marketing strategy in which advertisers pay publishers to generate qualified calls. The affiliate’s (Medx) handle the creative and messaging which induces the prospects to make a phone call either to purchase or inquire about a product or service.

MedX Publishing Pay Per Call Services:

Pay per call is relatively newer among the performance marketing channels. It is one of the most impactful when running lead generation in today’s market.  One of the biggest reasons that advertisers are choosing this strategy opposed to the traditional webform fills is because customer conversion is much higher. A large reason is that when you receive a web lead form, you then have to outbound dial that prospect. Many times, you will not connect with the prospect on first attempt. If you were running a pay per call campaign, then every single lead is already a connected contact hence resulting in a much higher conversion.

This kind of advertising brings the advertiser and the prospect into direct contact at less cost. Most of the time pay per call is actually more expensive on the front-end compared to a typical cost per lead deal, however the end buyer is historically at a much more favorable customer acquisition cost. It is a much quicker chance for the advertiser to close the deal compared to just a cost per lead model.

At Medx, we assume the marketing dollar risk by offering this solution to many of our current customers. For example, our customers agree to pay us for making their phones ring on a call coming into their office and the prospect lasting at least 90 seconds on the phone. This takes away a huge burden from our clients as we assume all the front-end marketing risk.

Making certain that all calls and marketing is compliant is our number 1 priority.
To protect your brand from threats in the lead gen industry, it is important to understand when compliance issues are triggered and to ensure your pay-per-call partner has defined programs to proactively address these issues and mitigate risk.

The most relevant laws and regulations in pay-per-call include:

• Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
• California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
• Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR)
• Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC)