The average American has over $15,000 in credit card debt which is why Medx decided to enter this vertical and start generating inbound calls using its time tested formula. We only work with top tier, reputable companies that actually provide a real service to help people get out of debt.

How we do it

We generate consumer initiated inbound debt calls from a variety of websites, search engines and social media channels. We run our advertisements on websites that are devoted to people who are financially troubled and need a solution. Our calls are individuals that actually are in need of help. We do not sell leads or warm transfer calls like many others that operate in this space. 

All inbound calls are:

  • 100% Exclusive – we send the call directly to your customer service agent
  • High intent consumers – they chose to call our number because they need help
  • The overwhelming majority of callers have credit card debt over $15,000