Medx runs your display advertisement using your brand creative or our generic creative on a performance basis. Think about it, you get the best of both worlds – branding exposure and leads/calls. Our philosophy is simple – if this is a channel you are interested in testing then we work through a simple process to determine the best course of action and the different types of ads we will run.

Here is an overview for Display advertising and how Medx Publishing incorporates it into their overall marketing mix. Display is the method of attracting an audience through a website, social media platform, or other digital mediums to take a specific action (in our case, mostly an inbound call). These advertisements typically encourage the user to click-through to a landing page where we will display a dedicated or dynamic number for them to call.

The most common type of web display ads you may come across include:

· Banner ads 
· Interstitial ads/full-screen ads 
· Rich media (video, audio, or animation) 
· Video ads

Display ads are extremely beneficial if brand exposure is important to you. It also gives you the ability to have your ad appear in different areas, in turn, generating more reach for your business. Our main advantage of display ads is our ability to target the right audience and control the narrative in real time. This includes demographic and geo-targeting, along with specific interests of your target audience.

This is a typical process we run our clients through to determine the outcome.

Set a clear goal

When starting a display ad campaign, it is crucial to begin with a clear goal for the ad. For Example, are we trying to have a prospect fill out a form or make a call?

Focus on targeting

We focus on your target demographic and use targeted ad placement. This will deliver better results and guarantee that your ad reaches the audience you want to engage with and also gives you that secondary element of brand exposure if you choose to use your own creative.


Create a message for your ad that is both direct and interesting. Since we are exclusively on a performance basis, it is important that we get this right in order to have a successful campaign launch.

Have a clear call to action

Are we trying to have someone fill out a lead form, call a number or join something? This is key in determining the long term viability of running this channel.