The reverse mortgage market is complicated by regulations, age restrictions and borrowing confusion. This industry is exploding which is why Medx entered this market. We already have over two decades of experience serving and producing high quality leads targeted at this demographic so we wanted to add this highly complicated product into our mix. We did this to ensure prospects are getting the right material in front of them and are only working with very reputable companies. 

At Medx, we don’t just sign contracts with any companies regardless of how much they are willing to pay us. Our motto is that if we wouldn’t want our own parents or grandparents working with a company then they simply will not become a customer of ours.

If you are licensed to sell the reverse mortgage product and are credible then we have what you need to grow your business. We only send highly qualified and educated prospects as leads or inbound calls. They will all meet the qualifications needed in order to be eligible for a reverse mortgage.  As this demographic enter into reverse mortgage eligibility, your profitability possibilities are entering a new high. 

We’re industry veterans with a data driven approach on generating leads and calls.