Medx entered the auto insurance market several years ago using their proven method of generating high quality, scalable leads and inbound calls in our primary markets. Since entering this space and using what we know works, we have helped several clients reinvent the way they looked at purchasing leads and calls from other providers.

We don’t just do what everyone else does – which is drive prospects into a self service insurance website or pass along their data to just anyone that pays us. Medx is a performance marketing company and has been since its inception, however we use actual data to drive the decisions we make when providing potential prospects to our customers. We have all the data you need to turn any potential prospect into a happy customer. We help companies and agents convert leads into policies by giving the consumer what they want – a personalized insurance plan that fits their need and budget. 

We offer different types of leads including our 100% inbound calls direct from our website, social advertising or search engines. We break down our pricing model a little different since we are able to separate an insured prospect from one that isn’t currently on a plan. The easiest way to break down what we offer is either a standard or non standard prospect.

Standard Auto

  • At least one driver 25 or older
  • All drivers have valid license

Non-Standard Auto

  • Any drivers who are currently uninsured
  • Any drivers that are considered high-risk
  • Any drivers with sub 600 credit scores

Standard Auto plus Home (Bundle)

  • At least one driver 25 or older
  • At least 2 cars in the household
  • Currently own a home
  • Clean driving record for at least previous 2 years