In addition to servicing the Medicare Insurance, Final Expense, Auto Insurance and Reverse Mortgage markets we generate leads and inbound calls for several additional industries.

Medical Alert Systems

If you looking for more medical alert customers then we can help. We have the ability to produce quality medical alert leads, live transfers and inbound calls for your business. All of our medical alert leads are pre-screened to insure that they fit the criteria you require.

In addition to producing leads, transfers and inbound calls, we can generate on a cost per sale basis. If you are interested in growing your business and have the bandwidth to handle hundreds of either leads, calls or sale a week then give us a call or fill out the form under our Contact Us page. 

Hearing Aids and Hearing Test Appointments

We have been generating hearing aid leads, sales and testing appointment prospects for years. We have experience in this space to understand the entire lifecycle of the sales process. If you are looking for help to sell more hearing aids online or schedule more in person free tests, we can help.

Walk-in Tubs

Purchasing a Walk-in Tub can be a very confusing process for seniors. With the ongoing growth of the 65+ population and the propensity of them wanting to stay home as opposed to transferring into assisted living this product has seen explosive growth. A Walk-In Tub can be described as any bathtub containing a door that opens and closes allowing for easy entry and exit. But, unlike a walk-in shower, you can fill it with water and soak in it. They typically range in price from $1700 to over $20,000 depending on the brand, availability and installation. Medx Publishing has been producing leads and inbound calls for years with some of the largest and well respected manufacturers and distributors. All of our leads and calls consist of seniors that have a need for a walk-in tub and are genuinely interested in speaking with a company that can get them a quote. It may be for them or a loved one, but the leads and calls we generate are real prospects. We are able to produce hundreds of leads and calls on a weekly basis all geo targeted to the zip code level. Our lead and call routing technology is robust and allows us to control the flow based on our customer needs. 

If you are interested in receiving leads or calls from interested prospects, give us a call or fill out our form located on the Contact Us page.