Medx offers warm transfers as part of their performance based marketing mix.  This channel has proven to be very effective for companies or customers that are looking for a slightly less expensive call, while still ensuring high quality.

Everyone knows that inbound calls are a valuable opportunity. A customer-driven contact increases your closing percentages enormously. Adding warm transfer calls to a sound and diversified marketing plan has been proven to produce a better ROI than traditional “internet leads” alone. The reason is simple – Medx prequalifies the internet lead on your behalf and removes anyone that wasn’t really interested. It also gurantees that your contact rate is 100%. The biggest issue we see with internet only leads is the contact rate. It is one thing for someone to fill out a form, it is another thing to get them on the phone. This channel removes that concern.

Medx licenses seats from call centers located both onshore and near shore.

This is how the process works

  • Warm Transfers are inbound calls that convert over 10 times higher than clicks!
  • Warm Transfers marketing expenditures are maximized with ZERO WASTE due to our 100% Contact Rate!
  • Warm Transfers that are done right will always be 100% compliant with current guidelines including TCPA