Direct mail leads work. Contrary to popular belief, using direct mail to generate leads and calls works. At Medx, we realized that direct mail has continued to show it is a viable channel even with the other avenues like search and social. We aren’t your typical direct mail agency – we run 100% of our direct mail campaigns either internally for our clients or as a partner to some on a cost per call basis. To put it in layman’s terms, we take the risk and you only pay for what works and gets a response. It is the same model we run across all marketing channels, but we are one of the only to run direct mail on a performance only model. 

Medx Publishing is here to help you with your marketing efforts and get you high quality, qualified inbound calls to boost your sales and strengthen your client base. Medx specializes in generating calls using this channel for several verticals including Medicare insurance, auto insurance, reverse mortgage, final expense and many more. We qualify our leads, competitively price them and provide exclusivity to our customers. 

There are many people who have tried to run this model, but no one has done it consistently across multiple verticals, exclusively on performance basis for as many years as we can claim.

Medx separates itself from others offering performance based direct mail due to our data modeling process. We do not believe in the shot gun approach of just simply buying lists or pulling data without science behind it. Every campaign we run comes with the use of our data and data model to determine the success long before we even go to print.

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