About MedX Publishing

MedX Publishing wants to offer consumers of all ages products that can be distributed into the medical and health arenas that will be beneficial for all.

MedX Publishing History

MedX Publishing was founded in 2001 by Bill Kimberlin after the acquisition of Medicare.com. A number of other URLs have been acquired since, providing consumers the tools they need to become educated on Medicare and the health care marketplace.

MedX Publishing Goals

MedX Publishing strives to build its websites and tools into household names and brands that people recognize and use on a daily basis.

Although goals at MedX Publishing are ever-changing, the nature of business remains the same - to meet the demand in the marketplace and to do the right thing for consumers.

MedX Publishing also wants to offer user-generated tools for customers and build a following by providing those consumers with a voice of their own.

MedX Publishing has plans to move into other brands that will appeal to the masses and provide additional educational experiences for consumers. These hard-asset products will offer resources and knowledge to help consumers make the best choices for themselves in reference to health care regardless of age and demographic.

What Makes MedX Publishing Unique?

MedX Publishing is the only home of MedicareMD.com, a website where Medicare-eligible individuals can turn to for additional information on this government-funded program and how they can obtain coverage.

When consumers visit MedX Publishing, they’ll be able to see the breadth of knowledge the company has surrounding the health marketplace. MedX also wants individuals to know just how much the company understands the health marketplace and all the accompanies it.

MedX Publishing wants to ensure that customers can find the information they need regarding Medicare no matter how long ago they signed up for the program. Whether it was three months or three years ago, MedX Publishing can help consumers find what they’re looking for in answering their Medicare-related questions.

Consumers who turn to MedX Publishing can utilize the company’s websites as well as social media outlets to make the most out of the brands and get the information and answers they’re looking for.

We service the following industries:

  • Insurance Carriers
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Mail Order Pharmacies/Suppliers
  • Home Monitoring

The MedX Publishing Executive Team

The team at MedX Publishing has parallel experiences that complement each other in ways that lead to a successful company. Product development, sales, operations, marketing and technology are skill sets the team excels in and helps to build a brand that’s good for the consumer.

Bill Kimberlin, Founder, President / CEO

Bill Kimberlin is the founder, president and chief executive officer of MedX Publishing. Bill started his first business in college and founded MedCareMD, OBJ Marketing Corp and Medicare.com.

Keith Glatzer, Chief Marketing Officer/EVP

Keith Glatzer is the chief marketing officer and executive vice president of MedX Publishing. Keith has a background in marketing and was the previous managing partner for a boutique investment firm called 936 Ventures. He has lead generation experience in the health care and education industries.

Chris Weaver, VP Operations

Chris Weaver is the vice president of operations for MedX Publishing. He is a sales and operations executive with significant understanding of strategic planning, process creation, call centers, customer service, systems and integration.

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