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Medx Publishing, Inc is a full-service online marketing and technology company, specializing in performance-based campaigns. Our specialties include the healthcare vertical, home security and emerging markets. Medx Publishing was the parent company to super brand, Medicare.com (sold in April 2014 to eHealth Insurance).


Our core business is to build lead generation and highly targeted marketing campaigns for our partners. We are not set up like a typical lead generation company. While all of our campaigns run against a performance metric, we establish true partnerships in order to become an extension of their business.

what we do

Geo Targeted Marketing

Leads will conform to your specific geographic needs as well as other qualifying criteria based on your ideal customer. We have the ability to geo target leads all the way down to the street level.

Analytics & Reporting

We understand that improving your marketing results starts with understanding the data and metrics so you can get a clear picture on your ROI. We specialize in helping our partners by making sure that they are looking at the entire picture.

Performance Based Marketing

Our entire business model is focused on a performance based, cost per lead and cost per conversion marketing. Our partners pay for results. Period.

Master Agency

We work with partners on a Master Agency model, which means we provide more than just the front end, leads or calls. We consult on their backend to ensure they are properly set up to gain the highest possible conversions. This is just part of what we offer and differentiates us from the rest of the pack.

our services

Medx Publishing offers a variety of services tied around digital marketing, but the constant is always that we base it on performance. If it doesn’t work, you don’t stay as a partner and we understand that which is why we go into each deal with the clear picture that it has to work for everyone involved.

Lead Generation

We have the unique ability to attract and prioritize leads, determine their level of viability and improve overall conversion. Our lead generation model is different than most as our proprietary algorithms are used to help us send the highest possible lead quality 100% of the time.

Call Center Services

At Medx, we offer a wide variety of services all centered around performance marketing campaigns. Of course, this includes managing on and off shore call centers to be able to deliver both call verified leads and warm transfers. This is an important piece to the lead generation funnel as contact rate is the single most important measurement.

Paid Services

In addition to our performance marketing division, we do offer traditional media agency services including managing paid search, social media campaigns and buying DRTV television. If it is online or you can see and hear it, we manage it.


Our lead management and CRM system allows us to provide completely integrated analytics. This allows our partners to see their complete funnel and awards us the opportunity of optimizing on demand based on the finds.


In addition to our full service marketing services, we have an operational team that consults on implementations. Their specialty is creating and implementing the right process and procedure for each partner. We understand – one size doesn’t fit all.


We have a lead management partner that offers a state of the art lead management system; call tracking system and reporting platform that would rival any software on the market. As part of our value add, we offer technology services as a way to ensure our partners are making the most from their marketing campaigns

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