Call Tracking: Know the Importance to Your Business

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Nowadays, there are several business management tools to facilitate processes in companies. One of them is call tracking. Knowing where a call came from is important information. After all, each call can be a unique opportunity for a new contract.

So, the focus of this article is to show you the importance of tracking calls. Want to know more? Then this text was made for you! Follow up!

What is call tracking? 

Who is calling, where the call is being made and how many times it has been called are common questions for managers. After all, where are the customers coming from? This and some other information can be clarified from the call tracking tool.

This tool already exists and is used by several companies. It proves to be very effective and plays an essential role in call management.

Also known as call tracking, software that tracks calls generates solutions mainly for marketing and sales.

Call tracking software improves phone performance and turns calls into data for system analysts. All this by measuring phone leads.

Tracing calls, in short, is a mechanism created to know where each call is coming from. It is done based on the recognition of which number was dialed to make the call.

In addition, it is a means of measuring which communication channels are generating the most calls. And gather meaningful information that can cause insights for managers.

That is, the data collected when tracking tickets is relevant for good company administration.

How does call tracking work? 

By tracking calls an important function is performed: measuring which marketing campaigns are generating phone leads. Got confused? Let’s explain better.

When a call is made and your company receives a certain call, the call tracking system detects from which number the call was made.

In this way, it is possible to identify which action of the marketing team generated that call.

Now the question is about the functionality of this system. We will then show you the benefits and advantages that a call tracking system can provide your company.

Advantages of tracking calls:

Call tracking is nothing new. But, over time, this tool has improved. Some functions were included in the system to provide more and better solutions to companies that use the telephone in their daily lives.

When we talk about tracking phone calls, we can highlight one of the main advantages of being able to find out through which communication vehicle the person contacted the company’s phone number. And, at the same time, it created interest in making the connection.

That is, you will be able to analyze the performance of marketing teams. This sector will know what it is doing right and what it is doing wrong. Thus, it will focus on what generates results and will change or exclude what does not bring the expected return.

Another advantage that tracking calls provide is that you can save money from it. This is because before, money was spent on a media or campaign that did not generate returns. Now, having control over the results, the investment is directed to where it makes the company profit.

In addition, this tool generates practicality and speed in service. And as we all know, time is money. This happens because when the customer calls, he will be correctly directed and answered.

Emails and other types of messages tend to take a little longer. With call tracking, the chance of turning calls into sales becomes much higher.

As a result, of call tracking, we have better marketing campaigns, which are tailored to what customers want to see or read. Thus, generating more and better leads.

Call Tracking for Click to Call:  

First, do you know what Click to Call is? We explain! This is the functionality that makes online calls more practical. Usually, on the website of companies that provide this feature, there is a “box” written “Call now” or something like that.

By clicking on this box, the customer makes a direct call to the company, without having to use a landline or mobile phone.

By identifying the source of this call, you will also have the option of knowing if your marketing campaigns are working. The higher the volume of links, generally the better the results on Google.

Consequently, it increases the visibility of the company.