What is Direct Mail Marketing or Direct Mail?

by | Aug 28, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

Direct mail marketing strategy is used to attract customers outside the online world, by sending advertising brochures, corporate articles, or similar.

With the rise of digital media, marketers are resorting less and less to this technique. Digital communication has much more power and can reach a much larger audience.

However, the digital marketing boom has caused consumers to become overwhelmed by overwhelming email and social media advertising.

With this rejection of digital advertising on the rise, it is challenging to capture the attention of consumers and beat the fierce competition.

That is why more and more vendors choose to send their message to the mailbox where they will surely receive it, the one at home.

Why Direct Mail Marketing Works:

Direct mail marketing or direct mail takes advantage of digital clutter to reach the psychology of consumers for many reasons, including:

  • Direct mail is remembered: Direct mail is remembered much more than digital, whether it is the texture of a brochure, a handwritten note, or a package that is opened, it creates positive emotions that are impossible to digitally perceive.
  • Receives a greater response: Unlike email marketing, direct mail has a 30 times higher response rate and can also increase the ROI of a campaign by up to 20%.
  • With direct mail you can be more creative: Through direct mail, you can be much more creative, sellers can send a wide variety of articles and formats, business cards, catalogs, tickets, personalized articles, and much more.
  • Direct mail has less competition: Many companies reduce their costs of tactile advertising, by doing it digitally. Today, direct mail stands out for its scarcity, unlike digital mail, which stands out for its multitude.

How to create a Direct Mail campaign:

A direct mail campaign requires time and a budget, manual mail significantly increases costs; design of flyers or catalogs, printing, packaging, shipping, and distribution.

However, proper planning can lead to maximum rewards. The results of direct marketing are very clear, with high response rates and being able to create direct connections with your customers.

How to measure the ROI of direct mail:

Once your direct mail campaign is up and running, the next most important step is knowing if it’s working. Understanding ROI is vital to your success. Measuring it depends on many factors like conversion, response rate, profits, etc.

Although measuring ROI on such a campaign can be tricky, different methods can be used to track delivery and response and gauge the overall success of the campaign. It is vitally important to keep track of marketing and advertising.

What it takes to make Direct Mail successful

There are many ways to customize direct mail to make it impressive and successful, to have a clear strategy, the following steps should be considered:

defined audience

Before launching a direct mail campaign, you must be clear about who you are sending it to and make sure that the recipients will receive it receptively to respond to the offer.

Not only does this step get your campaign off to a good start, but it can also save a lot of time and money by targeting one desired prospect in a defined demographic segment.

call to action

Customers must clearly know how to respond to the offer, so at least one strong call to action (CTA) must be included. 

This will greatly improve the success of the direct mail campaign. It must be easy to identify, with a specific directive and the expected results will be achieved.

perform tests

A well-defined customer target is even more effective if the direct mail campaign is tested, sending a small batch of advertising to a certain number of recipients is a way of being able to analyze the effect that the general sending will have. 

It also allows evaluating which parts of the process should be strengthened or changed. This is especially important in large cities or areas where there is a greater variety of clients to qualify.

shipping platform

Delegate the shipping process to specialized B2B companies, such as MailChimp, automating the process as much as possible saves a great deal of time.

These companies handle everything from shipping to inventory and tracking. They will automatically inform you of the ROI so that you can focus your efforts on optimizing the campaigns.

Running a direct mail marketing campaign with all the processes outlined above can help you cut through the clutter of the digital marketplace and greatly improve your return on investment.