4 Categories of paid ads that you can use on Google

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

Google paid ads are used to advertise, if you want to position yourself in search engines and be seen by users, you must carry out actions of search engine marketing (SEM), one of the best strategies you can use. Google is the largest and most well-known search engine, to which everyone goes in the first instance, not for nothing is it the one that leads in online advertising.

These characteristics should be enough to consider it a necessary tool. In Google, you have two options to launch your advertising; the first is in the display network, where the ads are as banners and, in general, the visuals. There are also those of the search network, where the keywords and others enter.

  1. Search ads.  

Search ads are one of the Google paid ads type.  These ads are programmed to appear when the user searches for a product or service. The results shown at the beginning of the Google search are the organic results that have been paid for. And the most usual way is to do it through Google Ad.

  1. Display ads.  

These advertisements appear next to the content being read on a web page or perhaps when watching a video on YouTube. The advertisement appears thanks to the fact that the user’s search is registered. It is also google paid ads that show banners on your required websites.

The possibility of reaching new customers with Google is a fact; in general, potential customers are there, and Google opens the doors for reaching them, making it a perfect tool for your digital marketing.

Google Paid ads type:

Regardless of the branch of your products, you are likely to be able to position yourself; in addition, you will find a type of google paid ads that suits what you need.

Next, I list a series of paid ads on Google to see how many possibilities you have.

  1. Traditional PPC: Within the search engine marketing is the PPC, the most traditional advertisement for payment; these appear initially, even before the organic results. Some variants happen when they appear above or next to search results. These are easily identifiable as they must be distinguished as paid advertisements. And yes, Google AdWords has the largest number of these types of ads. PPC also refers to pay per call marketing as well.
  2. Google Shopping: These ads are based on keywords, just like PPC. In addition, they can be easily segmented and measured. In addition, they can be quite successful if ads with SEO and PPC ads are used simultaneously. And if the campaigns are carried out in an organized way, you can have a good presence in the first search positions.
  3. Native ads. These ads are usually very effective as they are not intrusive, so the user has no resistance to them. Also, native ads are more interactive with users than, say, banners. Still, they must appear with a paid ad ID.
  4. Display ads: To complete your search engine marketing, you must include display ads. Although they are many years old, these ads have been evolving and adjusting to user expectations. In this way, they have managed to create a balance between capturing the attention of users but without becoming invasive so as not to be blocked. Of course, this type of ad is usually used by large companies.
  5.  Inbox Announcements: You may find ads inside your Gmail inbox as Google has allowed this option. Of course, these ads must appear with the paid ad id. For these to appear in inboxes where they can be successful, they take information from searches and cookies and, based on information from the inbox itself, what kind of content it receives. This way, it is easy to target the ads.

Search engine marketing is a strategy that is not intrusive, and you can direct it to a segmented audience group. You can increase your traffic and your sales; in addition, you can measure the results obtained, which will help you know what is working or not and make changes in your planning.