Health Insurance For Seniors: Everything You Need To Know About To Make Right Choice

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The increase in the average life expectancy is one of society’s greatest achievements, but it also brings some challenges related to the sustainability of public health systems. In this sense, Health Insurance for Seniors can be an effective response to ensure a better quality of life as the year’s progress.

  1. Fewer Financial Worries:

Having access to the best healthcare is almost always synonymous with high bills. With Health Insurance, it is possible to receive the best care and treatments and consult with the best specialists without harming your budget.

So if you are sick, your focus will be on your recovery and well-being, rather than worrying about the bills you have to pay;

  1. Less waiting times:

Before Covid-19, there were already long waiting times at the National Health Service, both in emergency consultations and specialty consultations. Health Insurance guarantees quick medical care when you need it most.

  1. More freedom of choice:

Health Insurance allows you to choose the doctors you trust, carry out clinical exams or other complementary means of diagnosis wherever you prefer, and have access to excellent professionals in each specialty.

The choice can be made within the network of medical care providers agreed upon at reduced prices. Some Insurances make it possible to choose doctors outside this network, with the possibility of reimbursement;

  1. More preventive care:

Easier access to medical care at a reduced price generates a greater predisposition for health promotion. It becomes easier to carry out consultations and exams within the scope of Preventive Medicine, such as prostate exams, bone densitometry, or periodontal exams, to prevent the onset of diseases. We all know that “prevention is the best medicine”, and it will make all the difference at older ages.

  1. More tax benefits:

The IRS Code considers 15% of all health charges, which means that Premiums paid with Health Insurance are tax-deductible.


What you need to know before subscribing to Health Insurance for the elderly:

Before taking out Health Insurance, you must find out about the characteristics and operation of the Insurance you are taking out.

Consult the Contractual Information and the General and Special Conditions, and clarify your doubts with a specialized mediator. You must have access to information to evaluate the Insurance you are taking out and enjoy all its benefits.

To help in this selection process, here are some points that can help to evaluate a Health Insurance for seniors better:

  • Age limits:

The first point to observe, especially in the case of the elderly, is the age limit for the subscription. Many Insurances condition the subscription according to age. However, there is Health insurance with no age limits for subscription and lifetime permanence, which is an important asset for those who have already passed the barrier of 65 years.

  • Payment:

Payments can be made in two ways. When the consultation, examination, or medical treatment is carried out within the Agreed Provider Network, the Insured Person pays a much lower amount when compared to someone who does not have Health Insurance or a co-payment.

When the medical procedure is performed outside the Conventional Network, payment is made by reimbursement; the Insured pays the entirety of the expense and asks the Insurer. Before performing any medical procedure outside the Conventional Network, confirm that your Insurance guarantees the reimbursement of expenses if this does not happen.

It is important to understand the minimum amount stipulated by the Insurer in the co-payments, as well as the maximum amounts that you will have to pay for scheduled, urgent appointments and other medical services;

  • Deductibles:

The amount, percentage, or a number of days that the Policyholder is responsible for are called deductibles.

A concrete example. Imagine a cover that guarantees the daily payment of a subsidy in case of hospital stay but stipulates a 7-day deductible. This means you will only start receiving the benefit after the 7th day of hospitalization. It is very normal for Insurers to include these deductibles to avoid fraud situations. Knowing your insurance deductibles can avoid unforeseen situations and expenses;

  • Capital Insurance:

Capital Insurance defines the maximum amount that can be used by the Insured Person for each coverage and has an annual limit.

When the Insured Person uses Health Insurance, the amounts borne by the Insurer are deducted from the Insurance Capital associated with the coverage in question. These values ​​are reset annually.

However, some Insurers provide coverage without an annual limit of Insurance Capital, such as Access to the Network, Doctor at Home, and Access to the Stomatology Network, which provides services in the field of dental health;

  • Grace period:

It is the period between the date that marks the beginning of the Insurance, or the subscription, and the date that indicates the beginning of one or more guarantees, that is, the period from which you will be able to enjoy the benefits associated with each coverage;

  • Exclusions: 

It is the clause in the contract in which the scope of coverage is defined; it defines everything that the Insurance does not cover. By knowing what the exclusions are, you become aware of the limitations of your Insurance;

  • Coverages:

It is one of the most important points to observe in a Health Insurance, whatever the beneficiary’s age. Understanding how coverage works lets you know how protected you will be and how to take advantage of the Insurance and its coverage with greater assertiveness.


The best coverages for a Health Insurance that protects seniors:

Good Health Insurance offers maximum protection according to your needs.

In this sense, coverage is one of the most important elements to consider when evaluating the quality of Insurance. It is possible to understand the level of protection you are contracting through the coverages.

Remember that needs change throughout life, and each age group requires specific care. In the case of seniors, it is important to pay attention to some aspects such as:

Online and Home Doctor to overcome mobility difficulties:

It is natural that, with advancing age, mobility is sometimes affected. Being able to enjoy medical care without leaving home, in the comfort of your own home, is an asset to consider in Health Insurance for seniors.

Some Health Insurance offers coverage that helps avoid travel and the costs associated with transport and parking and saves time. Another advantage is being able to wait for the consultation in the privacy of your home and avoid exposure to unnecessary risks, especially in times of a pandemic.

See the covers you can use from home:

Doctor Online:

Through the Assistance Service, available without interruptions (24h/day and 365 days/year), it is possible to request medical information or advice. In some Health Insurance, these consultations are available for €15, and the first two consultations of the year are free.

Doctor at Home:

Through Medical Home coverage, access to the Permanent Care Service and Telephone Medical Advice is guaranteed, and the sending of a nursing professional or, in urgent cases, sending a doctor to the home.

Stomatology Network to ensure better access to dental health care:

Dental health strongly impacts an individual’s overall health and should be prioritized in any age group. However, with the passage of years, oral health care must be reinforced.

Seniors require special care adapted to their needs, and having a Health Insurance that facilitates access to dental health care and treatments is one of the points you should consider.

Some Insurances focus on oral health and provide some free care and treatments within a Network of Conventional Providers, as is the case with Dentine.

Access to the Dentist Stomatology Network: 

This coverage guarantees access to agreed prices for consultations in stomatology, dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics, oral hygiene, or dental prostheses performed at the Dentine Network providers.

It is also possible to take advantage of free tooth extractions, X-rays, scaling, or nutritional counseling to control oral diseases, among other diagnostic and preventive measures.

How to get Health Insurance for Seniors:

Throughout this article, we provide some information about the benefits of Health Insurance for Seniors and identify the coverages that best meet the needs of seniors.

Now that you know the reasons for subscribing to Health Insurance clarify your doubts with an Insurance company specializing in personal protection.

Through personalized advice, you will be able to know the best solutions for you and ensure that the Third Age is synonymous with good health and a lot of energy.