How Do You Get Qualified Leads? 5 Killer Tips For You to Apply

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How Getting qualified leads is a job that every entrepreneur – new or experienced in sales – who owns an internet business is constantly looking for.

The marketing strategy first involves generating demand and then getting a response to it from people who identify with your proposal.

That way, from the moment you get information (name, email, phone, etc.) from a qualified lead, they are inserted into your sales funnel and will start to receive useful content to become sold.

The dynamics described above will make your online store gain more relevance and increase the number of visits to your website.

But how do you get qualified leads? What actions are most effective in reaching the right people for your business?

What are Qualified Leads?

Before starting to plan strategies, the concept of qualified leads must be clear in your head.

Leads are people who have responded to an offer made by your business through a product or service advertisement, newsletter subscription, website form, content download, etc.

These people demonstrate intent and have the potential to make the purchase. It’s the kind of potential customer that every online store owner wants.

Every piece of content you produce to promote something about your business has a purpose. And that goal works like a sieve.

Several people will be reached by an ad or posting in your store’s weekly newsletter, but only a few will click, interact and give their information.

This means that these qualified leads can receive the next communication from the company that will bring them closer to conversion, that is, to closing the purchase.

There are several ways to generate leads and qualify them. So it’s important to have a well-planned digital marketing strategy and profile your ideal customer to know how to identify them.

Now that you know what qualified leads are, learn the right tactics to get qualified leads.

5 tips on how to get qualified leads:

With planning, creativity, and focus, the techniques below for capturing leads will be very efficient for your business. Check out!

  1. Use content to reinforce your brand image

When you invest in the way of entrepreneurship on the internet, creating a virtual store to sell products or services, a brand is born.

So don’t just position yourself as a virtual showcase. Position yourself as a rich source of content. After all, people want a product for its usefulness, design, beauty, processing power, etc.

Content is what will attract and drive qualified leads from social media to your website. So if you know your audience, know what they are looking for and what are the most efficient channels and content formats, it becomes easier and more intuitive to produce quality content.

For example, your online store sells smartphones. On your store’s Instagram, you can have product reviews, videos presenting the main features, detailed product photos from various angles, etc.

In addition, making weekly newsletters is also another content channel that is worth exploring and serves various sales segments.

Study the product you sell yourself as an expert, bringing useful, first-hand tips to your target audience.

Remember that the focus should be on engagement. Follow a consistent content plan, and don’t change your strategy anywhere. Trust me, people will notice.

  1. Have a responsive version of your website

Another way to get qualified leads is to adjust your website to be responsive; it can be viewed on any device — computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

When a website is responsive, it adjusts to different device screen sizes, allowing the product page view to include all elements from the photos and shipping calculation until the buy button.

In addition to the website itself, landing pages, which are pages to capture leads that have forms, should also prioritize user experience such as:

include only the main fields;

  • arrange the fields in the most logical order (name and then email);
  • plan the size of the fields so that the user does not need to zoom in on the screen;
  • place the form closer to the top of the page.
  1. Use SEO to optimize your website

A powerful channel on how to get qualified leads is search engines like Google, for example.

These sites operate within certain standards that consider some essential elements to rank sites in search results.

Therefore, to capture qualified leads, it is important to apply SEO techniques in e-commerce.

One of the main points is to use keywords relevant to your products and enter them:

  • in the product title;
  • the URL of the page;
  • in the name of the image files.
  • In addition, using quality photos is also important for the positioning of the page.

A qualified lead knows what he wants, what features of the product he doesn’t give up, and the facilities he wants, so use informal language as if you were explaining it personally to the customer.

  1. Appreciate the potential of your social networks

Social networks are important marketing channels for virtual stores and, therefore, cannot be forgotten when the objective is to obtain qualified leads.

Each tool has different features to publish content creatively and attractively. Only on Instagram is there the option to post photos and videos to feed, stories, Reels, and IGTV.

So invest in content in different formats to enhance your products or services and promote content from your store’s blog and other special materials.

Some networks even have lead generation tools like LinkedIn Business’s ‘ Lead Gen Form ‘ and Facebook’s Facebook Lead Ads.

With these tools, the ads created will be fully focused on how to get qualified leads, as they allow you to segment the ideal customer profile you want to reach.

  1. Bet on email marketing campaigns

A Marketing Sherpa survey found that 72% of consumers consider email the best channel to receive information from companies and brands.

Therefore, use your email base to create sales campaigns and content, providing valuable information.

As with landing pages with forms, the layout of marketing emails must be well done, and it is important to ensure that some details are never missing:

  • highlight call-to-action (CTA) links and buttons;
  • check if the links are leading to the correct product pages or the published landing page;
  • use funny GIFs, photos, and videos to add dynamism to the content;
  • correct texts before sending to avoid grammatical or spelling errors;
  • use less promotional language to avoid spamming.