How to Create a Lead Tracking Campaign

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

I want to talk to you about how to create a lead tracking campaign in the article that concerns us here. On other occasions, I have already discussed with you other exciting topics with you.

How businesses reach their customers have changed organically and with online advertising. Content has become the best ally to get your customers to come to you.

But once they get close, do you know what to do next? Are you tracking them properly?

Like when a lover intends to conquer that person, he must know the status of the relationship to take the following steps. But if she doesn’t keep adding details to the relationship, knowing what the appropriate gestures would be depending on their phase, she could lose the conquest. The same thing happens in the world of digital advertising.

Keeping track of leads is extremely important if you want to close a sale, as this follow-up campaign must occur once the lead gives you their data and becomes a prospect.

To become a customer, you must know what phase of the purchase process they are in and keep them interested until they make the decision and, in a reasonable time, become a promoter of your brand.

Here we want to show you the best way to create this campaign.

Consumer Decision Stages:

The first step is understanding the decision stages in which your client can find himself applying the ideal technique. There are 3 fundamental phases that you must study:

  • Exploration. Your leads are starting to get to know your brand and its benefits. It is essential to rely on a good  Content Marketing strategy at this stage.
  • Knowledge. Once they know about your product or service, you must convince your potential customers that your brand is the best.
  • Buy. Your leads become your current customers.

Tip pro: Find out which pages your leads are most interested in and send them hints through emails or personal messages, or promote that section of your website more.

Factors Of a Lead Tracking Campaign:

To create this type of campaign, you must take into account what elements will become your allies for you to be successful; among them are:

  • Landing page. This type of page aims to show a particular objective based on obtaining valuable information from leads through special promotions.
  • Forms. They are fields users are intended to access to fill in the blanks with their data such as name, email, telephone, etc.
  • Offer. It is what you offer in exchange for the data of your leads because if not, there would be no deal. Our recommendation is for it to be something downloadable, like an ebook.
  • CTA. These are calls to action that can come in the form of buttons for your leads to go to the next step; they are recommended to be aesthetically attractive. This can be a direct link to your landing page.


Last Tips For the Campaign:

When you research your leads and know what offers will be attractive to them, you can begin to apply the following:

  • Make a campaign through all your digital channels, starting with your website and going through your business’s social networks.
  • Identify the stage of the sales process in which your lead is.
  • Lean on the tools that I have previously mentioned: landing pages, CTAs, offers, etc.
  • Follow up relentlessly until they become leads.


Obtaining that conquest that you yearn for so much depends on a follow-up of the person’s reactions, concerns, and preferences. Lead Tracking campaign is in your hands, relying on the correct tools to obtain the data you want. As in date, having that person’s phone number will depend on your gestures, paying attention to what they like, and staying firm.