How to Improve your email marketing strategy with SMS and marketing automation

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

Complementing your email marketing strategy with mass SMS and automated or marketing automation will progressively improve the efficiency of your campaigns. Many SMEs use email to promote their brand, build loyalty and make themselves known. \However, some do it in a massive and intrusive way, that is, by sending newsletters to users who are not interested or do not feel attracted by the content. These practices do a lot of damage to email marketing and its concept of it. And the result is a rejection by users.

But do not worry! It does not have to happen to you or your company. Throughout this text, we will tell you how SMS and automated marketing can improve your communication strategy and resurface or boost your brand effectively.

With an all-in-one marketing automation application, you can send newsletters, create automated email sequences, send questionnaires, design landing pages, etc. In addition, you can also find more specific functions such as A/B testing, email verification, connecting WordPress, Presta Shop, and Google Analytics with the application, or generating reports to measure the results of your campaigns.

Send your newsletter to more people with Massive SMS:

SMS is the perfect complement for mailing. The level of reception and display of messages is very high. In addition, they are received instantly. With SMS, you can save time and money. By complementing it with email, you make your campaign multichannel. So you will reach more contacts faster.

Through messages via SMS, it will be easier to streamline the content of your newsletter. In addition, you always have the option of incorporating a link to a landing page that makes the message more attractive and converts your contacts by redirecting SMS recipients to a page dedicated to conversion.

Marketing automation: automate your email marketing and SMS campaigns

Automating your email campaigns will allow you to send messages automatically at the right time. A functionality that, in addition to saving time, will enable you to know and retain your customers through automated sequences.

To more clearly illustrate the advantages of automated marketing or marketing automation, we are going to give three examples:

  • Activate a welcome email every time a user signs up to your database.
  • Program a date in your database, such as the birthday of your contacts or the last purchase made.
  • Add forms or invitations that strengthen the relationship with your contacts and allow you to get to know them better.

Remember to create your newsletter with a responsive design.

It is essential to have responsive templates for your newsletters and landing pages whose design adapts to the various reading devices, whether a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Since we remember that we are trying to launch an email marketing and SMS campaign together.

As for the development of the templates, you do not need to be a professional layout artist or graphic designer to venture to develop your pages or newsletters. On the internet, you have several graphic editors with straightforward and intuitive systems such as EmailBuilder, which works through the drag&drop system, that is, by dragging and dropping the different blocks of text and images to configure the template to your liking.