Phone Lead Segmentation: How to Rank to Sell More

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We know that a common objective between companies is to transform their marketing actions into sales. phone Lead segmentation is fundamental in this process, and, despite this, only 39% of companies have and use criteria to classify leads.

When generating more sales, the phone is still a smart choice today, especially when we observe that the USA is one of the five countries with the highest number of smartphones.

We understand that classifying potential customers is a great challenge. So, read on if you want to know more about how it can transform your online and offline marketing efforts.

Lead segmentation process:

But what exactly is lead segmentation? Segmenting is creating criteria and applying filters to qualify the list of leads. All of this is done according to the needs of each group and their maturity in the purchase journey.

This segmentation is essential in any strategy to convert leads into customers. After all, subsequent actions are strategically designed to nurture and educate potential customers before starting the negotiation stage.

Communication with leads, when personalized, dramatically increases the chances of success. Well, you communicate in the right way, with the right person, and at the best possible time. Whether through email marketing or nutrition streams. Thus, directing potential customers to advance in the sales funnel.

The main intention of segmentation is to define the public profile to develop more appropriate and oriented marketing actions for each lead.

Key benefits of  Phone lead segmentation:

Many still wonder about the importance of segmentation. Is it essential to your business? Think that the more you know the customer, the easier it is to create and direct your strategies. In this way, it is possible to focus efforts on the needs of each group. This gives you advantages, such as:

Creating a nutrition flow

You can produce customized marketing emails for each profile by classifying potential customers. By creating flows to nurture leads with the ideal message, you can better educate and lead each of them through the buying journey.

Greater efficiency and assertiveness 

Segmentation allows you to group potential customers who have characteristics in common. Phone lead that way, you can be more assertive in your campaigns and more efficient when targeting content relevant to these groups.

Lower bounce rates 

With groups already defined by common characteristics and interests, it’s easier to send exciting emails based on the lead’s journey. This lessens the chance of getting spammed or people terminating registrations.

How do I sort my business contacts?

Did you know that some tools and automation make this job easier? Monitoring all prospecting, activation, nurturing, and follow-up processes is possible with a few clicks. 

In addition, several strategies can be used in planning to contribute to the lead classification process.

Discover three essential strategies to improve your processes:

  • Sales Funnel: Segmenting leads through the funnel allows you to adapt the content and offer according to the stage of the funnel.
  • Lead Scoring: an important scoring system that allows the classification of leads and qualification by profile and interest.
  • Call tracking: identifies the origin of phone calls, whether ads, online or offline campaigns.


Turn phone leads into customers.

The qualification process goes beyond having a good volume of leads; it is also necessary to have a strategy to use as a solution in marketing actions.

Phone calls enhance the understanding of potential customer characteristics. So, several metrics can be evaluated to optimize deliveries when we talk about phone leads. And doing a link analysis is essential.

Call Tracking and the Origin of Telephone Leads

With Call Tracking, it is possible to identify the origin of phone calls and take a step forward to optimize campaigns and ads. 

To identify the source of each phone lead, Call Tracking creates what we call mask numbers. These numbers are distributed among the media used in the campaign or the company’s channels.

All calls are directed to the main telephone, so Call Tracking can map the channels that generate the most calls.

This way, it is possible to align strategies for the channels that convert the most.